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Classes, Seminars, Notes and Stuff
  • Note 1: I realize some of you only look at the headlines and never open and read the stories. But part of the reason I send these out each week is so you can lean what transpired and use it for training and preparation. So the stories about a man with a hammer, man bringing a gun to church and woman gouging her eyes out all have unique learning opportunities. So if you don’t open any of the rest at least read those three.
  • Note 2: I have finally entered the realm of full time church safety consulting. It was a big step but the time was right and I am excited to be focused 100% on building church safety programs through Sentry One Consulting Group. You can help my networking efforts by simply passing along the word.
  • Carl Chinn has sent out an update email for the Faith Based Security Network. I suggest you check out his comments here… http://www.carlchinn.com/think-about-it.html and go here to sign up for his regular updates as well…www.FBSNAmerica.com

Questions About Starting a Team
Since Sutherland Springs my phone has been ringing of the hook with questions about starting a safety team. I have written a comprehensive step by step guide to help with initial set up of a new team or enhancement of an existing team. It’s called the Church Safety Starter Kit. Click the link below to review sample pages and a link to purchase if interested.

Church Safety Starter Kit

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