What People are Saying about Sentry One Consulting Group

I have known Paul Lake for some years and find him to be one of those in this business of church security who is in it more of a sense of personal commitment and obligation, not as an economic opportunity. His heart is in the right place and his credentials are in order for me to trust him enough to say so in writing.

Paul’s primary passion is not church security – it is Jesus. And because of that he is concerned for the safety of HIS flock.”

Jimmy Meeks
Pastor, Ret. Police Officer, Church Safety Expert

As the former Lead Pastor at GracePoint Church in Coppell, Texas, I completely recommend the training and knowledge of Paul Lake. He is an expert in “all things related to the safety of the church.” His knowledge and expertise if vast and that gave me a great peace of mind every single week.

Clayton Coates
Grow/ Small Groups Pastor
Crossroads Church
Camarillo, CA

We started working with Sentry One Consulting Group four years ago to improve our one year old safety ministry. Over those four years, we have sent multiple personnel to the Sentry One Basic Church Safety Officer course. Experienced church safety leaders will all agree, you need to start with solid basics and then continue to train your team. This is a great place to start.

Kent Conway
Deacon & Co-Director of the McDermott Safety Ministry
McDermott Road Church of Christ
Plano, TX

In my role with a previous church, Paul provided safety training to both staff and lay leaders on multiple occasions. He was able to use his vast knowledge and experience to share valuable information to immediately benefit our ministry. I highly recommend his services without any reservation.

Derek Robinson
Connections Pastor
The Branch Church - Vista Ridge Campus

Paul presents the subject matter in a way that keeps the participants involved. For those looking to start a church safety team, Paul Lake’s Basic Church Safety Officer training is an excellent starting point.

Allen Harrison
Church Security Officer, PPO
Denton TX

Paul Lake, with Sentry One Consulting, is the best of the best when it comes to security and safety. I have seen his expertise and skills first hand, as he leads our church’s impressive and dynamic security team. I can think of no one more qualified to provide the highest level of security consulting and coaching.

Chad Kettler
Senior Pastor
GracePoint Church, Coppell TX

The Effectiveness of Your Team, in General But Especially in Crisis, Depends Largely on How They Conduct Themselves Day In and Day Out.