Church Safety SOPs


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All Documents Fully Editable to Fit Your Church

Digital Download Includes the Following…

  • Use of Force to include…
    • General Use of Force Guidelines
    • Subject Resistance
    • Officer Response Options
    • Responsibilities in Use of Force Incidents
    • Relief of Duty and Mandatory Psychological Support
  • Applicable Laws for Use of Force
  • Deadly and Non-deadly Weapons
  • General Administrative Functions
  • General Safety Team Policies to Include…
    • Medical Emergency Sanctuary
    • Medical Emergency—Other than Sanctuary
    • Disruptive Person (no weapon Displayed) – Sanctuary
    • Armed Threat (any weapon) – Sanctuary
  • Firearms Qualification
  • Training Requirements
  • Known Sex Offender Policy
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Safety Team Member Discipline Policy
  • Children and Youth Protection Policy
  • Exhibits to include…
    • Safety Team Offense Report
    • Uniform Dress Code
    • Firearms Qualification Course of Fire
    • Safety Team Incident Report Form