Individual Team Training

Team Training Class

Sentry One is equipped to tailor training sessions targeted for an individual church safety team or a combination of team members from area churches.

This could be as simple as walking a team through how to use the Church Safety Starter Kit, a single day of classroom hands-on training for the basic church safety officer duties or multiple days of advance reality based training (RBT) using scenarios drawn from real events.

Here are a few of the topics covered in our Basic Church Safety Officer Class:

  • How to develop a safety officer application process … not just an application
  • Basic radio communications use and protocols (what type of equipment to purchase, etc.)
    • Hands on radio use training
  • How to establish a safety management team
  • Completion of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    • How to train to this plan
    • Who should train to this plan
  • Development of a Safety officer training manual
    • How and how often to conduct training
  • Critical awareness training for safety officers, ushers, greeters and staff
  • Medical emergency protocols
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Control and compliance for disruptive persons
    • Legal issues – Including use of force laws
    • Hands on techniques if force is required
  • Active shooter education and principles of response
  • Administrative paperwork

Advanced Classes: Are designed around each team’s individual needs and utilize RBT (Reality Based Training) scenarios to enhance each team member’s ability to make good decisions under pressure and to build effective “team” response dynamics. They typically run in four hour blocks on site at the host church but can be scheduled to best fit each team.

Your Team’s Biggest Enemy Will Be the Day to Day Routine.

To combat that over the long haul you must create a “culture” of training.