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I have been fortunate to work with a lot of church safety programs over the years and one of the more consistent failure points I see revolves around a lack of cohesive leadership. The effectiveness of a safety ministry, like any other organized group effort (business, sports, public service, etc.), rest heavily on the ability of its leader/s to actually lead… not just manage. A good manager can schedule duties, organize training events, and even push most of the right buttons required to make the machine work regularly. However, leaders inspire people to follow. Leaders, encourage people to stretch and grow. Leaders help build cohesion which helps sustain the team during trails. Leaders build other leaders… and hand down their knowledge for the good of the effort. If you are part of a team that struggles with management over leadership I encourage you not to abandon the cause. But pray for the Lord’s leadership first in your own life, then for Him to raise up solid leadership for your team. I am confident that is a prayer He not only hears but will be anxious to answer.

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