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To build and train church safety teams as effective ambassadors of Christ and vigilant protectors of His flock.

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Sentry One Consulting Group, Inc. is a leader in comprehensive church safety and church security resources. Centrally based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area we serve all faith based organizations in Texas and nationally. Our consultation and church safety training materials are forged from years of practical application in both the real world of church safety and law enforcement.

Church Safety Starter Kit

The Church Safety Starter Kit is an invaluable tool for any church needing to start or improve a church safety program. Written in an easy to read and apply format it comes in both hard copy and instant digital download plus it contains all associated forms for electronic modification to your needs.

What people are saying about Sentry One Consulting Group


  • I have known Paul Lake for some years and find him to be one of those in this business of church security who is in it more of a sense of personal commitment and obligation, not as an economic opportunity. His heart is in the right place and his credentials are in order for me to trust him enough to say so in writing.

  • As the former Lead Pastor at GracePoint Church in Coppell, Texas, I completely recommend the training and knowledge of Paul Lake. He is an expert in “all things related to the safety of the church.” His knowledge and expertise if vast and that gave me a great peace of mind every single week.

    Clayton Coates
    Grow/ Small Groups Pastor
    Crossroads Church
    Camarillo, CA
  • “Paul’s primary passion is not church security – it is Jesus. And because of that he is concerned for the safety of HIS flock.”

    Jimmy Meeks
    Pastor, Ret. Police Officer, Church Safety Expert
NBCDFW Channel 5 Interview - Paul Lake from Sentry One Consulting Group discusses the Sutherland Springs church shooting that happened on November 5, 2017
Paul Lake from Sentry One Consulting

Channel 5 Interview

The Sutherland Springs church shooting that happened on November 5, 2017 was a devastating wake up call for many churches. It shattered the prevalent thinking in many churches of “we don’t need a safety team because God is going to take care of us”. This short interview focuses on that sad wake up. Let’s not let the pain of this event go to waste.

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Podcast – Emergency Response Plans with Paul Lake

Listen to Paul Lake talk with Daniel Blevins from CV Ministries about Emergency Action Plans: the need for them, what’s in them, who knows what it says, and how do you activate it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

CV Ministries - Church Security Through Prevention

Safety vs. Security

SAFETY is a comprehensive term encompassing the entire safe-keeping picture and SECURITY is only a small part of that picture.

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We offer a comprehensive step by step guide to help with initial set up of a new team or enhancement of an existing team.

Church Safety Starter Kit

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