Weekly Church Safety Update

Chatter on the global stage indicates that in addition to the other issues we may face when churches return to worship that ISIS has been encouraging its followers to take advantage of this time of confusion to launch new attacks. While increased terrorist activity may not be a likely threat in your area, increased threat potential is worth having on our radar. Just remember, there were numerous unstable people on the bubble even before the pandemic occurred. You can rest assured that many of those were pushed over the edge as a result of the societal stressors and will be looking for targets of opportunity soon. Don’t relax and let your campus be one of those targets.

More links to good training and improvement information:

Recently Posted on a FBSN discussion by Patrick Chagnon regarding¬† making sure your Emergency Response Plan is up to date…

1. Your Plan will be read and reviewed at some point.
2. Make sure you include subject matter experts that can add value to your plan, like the local emergency manager, law enforcement and fire departments.
3. Train to your plan, DOCUMENT ALL TRAINING, even if it was just a 15 minute session.
4. Don’t wait for an emergency to review your plan – today, now is a great time to review and update your plan.
5. Document date, time and approval authority (Church Leadership) for the plan and any changes made.
In my former life as a State Police Detective we used to say, “If its not in writing, it did not happen” . With all of the shutdowns, there no better time to dust off the plans and review, update and share. This can save you a lot of headaches and maybe reduce your premiums.

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