I know you are tired of the doom and gloom surrounding the COVID 19 situation so just training today… no additional bad news with church crime updates. 

I ran across an article from 2017 by Kelly McCann and Michelle Ly on the topic of pre-attack indicators. Since the application of these principles serve us well not only in the church arena but as we do daily life I thought it would be a good training filler during our down time.


January 27, 2017
Kelly McCann Michelle Ly
Recognizing a Potential Threat Before it Manifests into an Attack Can Save Your Life
Ever think it would be useful to be able to see a developing problem before it went ballistic so you could avoid trouble altogether? People talk a lot about situational awareness but never add any specifics or color to their discussion. Generally, good situational awareness is being alert for anomalies; seeing and recognizing the visually unlikely circumstances that could indicate an attack is imminent.Well, take a look below and keep alert for these things. Any one of them alone is likely nothing to worry about, two of them should alarm you; three of them? Probably a solid indication you need to get away from the situation right now!

1.  Inexplicable presence. Or in tradecraft language cover for action cover for status. People adrift for no reason should interest you. Most people are walking with purpose, have keys in their hands, are carrying packages to and from somewhere. When none of that is going on and someone is just loafing? Ask yourself what they’re up to.

2.  Target glancing.  Be watchful for people who look at you trying to not look like they’re looking at you (if you catch our drift). They could be determining target value, looking for police or anyone who might intervene, CCTV cameras and where their escape route is.

3.  Sudden change in status. If someone is loafing on a bus stop bench and the ONLY thing that changes is your arrival near them and they suddenly change their status (were smoking, were sitting, were napping) when you get near them, consider if that’s coincidental or not. ESPECIALLY if number 1 & 2 applies.

4.  Correlation of movement.  You notice some things that alarm you and you cross the street. So does the person causing you alarm. Or you walk past the person on the bus stop bench and they fall into step behind you. Or you move away from the person giving you the hairy eyeball in a bar and a minute later, there they are near you again. You’d be right to be concerned.

5.  Hidden hands causing unnatural movement(s). That guy who fell in step behind you? He’s walking with a hand held behind his leg. That’s not natural. That guy coming toward you who crossed the street to intersect your path? His right hand is in his left armpit. What’s up with that? What’s up with that is that criminals know the fastest draw in the world is no draw at all…the weapon is already in his hand.

6.  Inappropriate clothing. Criminals don’t spend any money on support equipment. They don’t have cool guy gear like concealment holsters. They park their weapon in the groin line or abdomen carry. Light shirts can “print” if they’re too snug and make it difficult to conceal a weapon. Might explain that sweatshirt he’s wearing on a 70 degree night.

7.  Predatorial movement/actions that seek an advantage/dominant position. If two people walk up on you apparently to ask you where something is and one steps to your side (flanking) that’s a predatorial movement. If someone hovers at your 4-8 o’clock relative to you ask yourself why they would do that. Be very sensitive to any positioning that makes you feel vulnerable.

8.  Unnatural impediments to free movement. Any time your freedom of movement is restricted you should be alarmed. No one has the right to do that to you. And if it’s done against your will it constitutes an assault. If you’re walking and someone impedes your movement, take a quick step back to keep the person in sight and check your flanks. If a vehicle is involved (you’re driving and suddenly a vehicle backs out in front of you and stops, creating a pregnant pause…) look to your flanks immediately to see if something else is in store for you and get ready to push that car in front of you out of the way.

9.  Unsolicited attempts at conversation. C’mon…no one really falls for that anymore, do they? Unfortunately yes, yes they do.

10.  Baiting.  Ever been minding your own business and had someone bark, “What are you looking at?” or “What did you just say?” Well if it ever happens to you, just realize you’re the object of entertainment and that NOTHING you say will be the right thing. Get yourself out of the situation quickly before it goes completely South!

There are more of course but these TOP 10 PRE-INCIDENT INDICATORS are a great start to raising your StreetWise IQ and avoiding some totally unpleasant situations!


 NOTE: All current classes have been postponed due to the national restrictions related to COVID 19. Updated schedule will be posted on our website as soon as the restrictions have been lifted.
  • Advanced classes using reality based training scenarios are available on your campus. Contact me to schedule a 4 hour block including hands on training for control / compliance techniques, de-escalation, weapons retention, active threats, evacuations, etc. all under stress of real time and situations. We can move up the reality scale from walk throughs to real time full speed including use of the Red Man suit and Simuntitons training.

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